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Male Movers

     "Alex was a great help to myself & my husband. He is in the process of helping us with a downsize. He's helped us organize and prioritize our needs with exceptional care and attention to detail. With what we've done so far, I can honestly say that we couldn't have done it without him! We will continue to work with him. His expertise is just great. I highly recommend Alex and his company."

      -Mimi H.

"Alex and his team provided a comprehensive, professional service and were a delight to deal with. I have continued to work with them on small projects since my initial downsizing move, and now consider them among my most trusted suppliers and professional friends."


— Kate E.

Moving a Couch

 “Alex has been incredible. He is organized, calm , accommodating and helpful. He has made my move manageable and has always been available to answer questions and solve problems , I would highly recommend his team’s services. “





-Sarena K.

"More Than A Mover took on two projects for my extended family over the span of a few months. Alex is a very honest and reliable owner who got involved in both projects at every level to ensure excellent service. Alex and his staff are friendly and pleasant while carrying out their tasks while communicating/inquiring throughout in an effort to provide high quality service. We would refer Alex’s company to anyone who is making a move, big or small."


— Bill A.


 "My dad used Alex twice within a year. First out of our family home and then to a new retirement residence. Alex was a pleasure to work with. He’s personable and accommodating. Often dropping furniture off at other family members’ homes. He takes care to ensure his clients are happy."

             -Wendy P.

     "I highly recommend Alex Petlyarsky at More Than a Mover Inc.   He provided excellent, friendly, and very professional services to help me unload my furniture when I sold my condo. He went above and beyond with regards to getting everything organized, sold quickly, and at a fair price. He was super helpful during the stressful times of moving. I would highly recommend using this company and would certainly use them again!"

            -Dr. Josh C.

      "Alex served as  a one-man marching band throughout the entire move from my home of 35 years to a 3 bedroom apartment and beyond.   Although he came highly recommended by a friend, it wasn't until I actually engaged his services (and that of his staff) that I saw how reliable, organized, capable and skilled he was during this whole process.  It wasn't just the organization of the move but all the additional services that came into play--pre- and post-staging the house for sale; packing and moving; downsizing and deciding what to do with unwanted items; garage clean-out and junk removal; organizing placement of furniture and boxes in apartment; follow-up visits to set up equipment and put together new furniture.  I would definitely recommend Alex as the go-to guy whether you're downsizing, moving  or just getting advice. A good, healthy sense of humour also comes with the package.  You won't regret it!"

      -Gail P.

     "We’ve sold a big house in 2016 to downsize to a condo and hired Alex and his company to help us with the move. The task was overwhelming for us but Alex came prepared with a plan for a smooth transition. He listed all of our extra furniture on his website for sale, organized content sale de clutter  our basement, helped to deliver things that we’ve donated to a respective charities and get rid of the junk. All along the move his staff was helpful. On the day of the move all of the items were carefully packed and taken to a new place. Nothing was broken or damaged. Overall it was a good moving experience and I will recommend his company without hesitation."
     -Ora L.

     "As a Realtor I’m always looking for reliable and trustworthy trades to recommend to my clients. In the last 2 years, Alex and his team at More Than A Mover have exceeded my expectations time and time again, and have proven to be professional, dependable and honest. I wouldn’t hesitate for moment to recommend Alex for all your moving needs."

     -Elliot G.

     "Alex is a pleasure to work with, he is honest, knowledgeable, charitable, hard working, and a true entrepreneur. I first met him when I needed a sofa set for the B&B contacted him in Toronto and bought a complete unit from him, the price was excellent and it was exactly what he said it was, it was delivered on time and with staff to assist. I then needed him to work with my son when he was down sizing and leaving Toronto, Alex was there taking care of what was needed, doing an excellent job. I needed him for a small fridge and camera equipment. Every item I requested was presented exactly as shown.   Alex is great to work with, you contact him and he is there with so many deals.  Alex has integrity, and is a professional, whether it is a small or big job."

     -Sheldon K.

    "I have used Alex and his company for 2 moves over 3 years.   His company name rings true in every sense. Not only were both moves done perfectly and in time but so much more as well. Alex took special care with my Art collection which is very dear to my wife and I. Alex set up all my electronics, hung all my art and went as far as repainting most of the house. I would use Alex and would recommend wholeheartedly to any friends or family getting ready to move."

     -Laurin S.


    "Alex and his crew are spectacular!  Last January I hired them to pack, move and unpack and I can’t say enough good things about them.  Alex was great at managing my Type A personality; he managed to keep me quite Zen during the entire process.  From beginning to end, they took care of my things as though they were all precious and when all was said and done the only thing that got broken in the move was 1 light bulb!   Alex was great about coming back to the new condo to hang my art – no small trick in a condo with concrete walls.   Because it was such a positive experience, when I started phase 1 of down-sizing my office, Alex was the only person I called to help out with moving, donating and trashing that was required.  Even though it was a relatively small job, Alex made it feel as though it was just as important as the 4-day  move from last year.    And then there is the integrity factor; for the home move I was provided with an estimate.  When the move was completed, Alex explained that it had, in fact, taken less time than anticipated and he had reduced the bill accordingly.    He could easily have left the amount at the estimate but that would have been contrary to how he does business.  When it came to the small office move, I didn’t even bother to ask what it would cost – I knew Alex would be honest and fair.  As long as Alex remains in this business, he is the only person I will ever use and the only mover I have ever “raved” about to anyone who inquired."

     -Debbi L.

     "Alex was referred to me by my daughter who had happily used his many services for a recent move.  He is sure jack of all trades! My move was in 2 parts: items for storage + items to a friends condo where I would live temporarily.  He organized things well and when the temporary move was over, he moved all the things from storage to my niece’s home for further storage with the balance to my new apartment.  Once I was moved into the new apartment, he put together all the furniture that required assembly, installed the televisions, set up ‘Netflix’, hung pictures, installed hooks, put up an apparatus to hold brooms, vacuum, swiffer wetjet, hung my dustbuster and returned several times to fix a device on one of the TV’s.  He is honest, honourable, dedicated to his work, with a warm smile & personality.  I watched him teach a new helper how to do something......with much patience and tenacity.  Don’t hesitate to engage Alex for your next move – he’s the BEST !"

     Judith R.

     "Working in Real Estate I see a lot of movers and Alex was an excellent operator. He arrived early and was set up and ready to go! Everything was well covered and secured in place. He was calm and cautious when moving our possessions. Even helping to
assemble and set up the new furniture. I suggest to give him a call if you are looking for someone to help Move, Pack, Downsize, Store and Consign."

     -Christopher L.

   "Our family just completed the process of de-cluttering after having lived in the same house for over 20 years. The whole prospect was daunting to me and, I must say, overwhelming. I did not know where/how to begin. Alex, the principal of More Than A Mover, was recommended to me by a friend and I have not looked back. We set aside time once a week for 2-3 months to tackle the project and, under Alex’s direction, went about it systematically and with success. Alex is highly effective — he knows what to do and how to do things efficiently. He can give his client direction when the client seems overwhelmed with where to start - for example, with a kitchen which had not been re-organized in that 20 plus year period. He has some very strong attributes — nothing is a problem for him. Whatever situation or task is before him, Alex finds a solution - whether it be with regards to furniture/storage/organizing/ and even technology and how to store photos etc. His offering is a one stop solution - items are taken where appropriate - for sale, donation, for discarding, and toxic items are taken to an environmentally safe place.
When it comes time to move, much of our work will have been done on account of Alex.  And we know we will ask him to come back for any work which remains. We would highly recommend More Than A Mover and are thrilled that we were introduced to Alex and able to work with him."

     -Susan F.

   "A few years ago my father passed away at Sunnybrook after getting pneumonia suddenly. He had been staying at the Dunfield Retirement Residence and his room and locker had to be cleaned out within two weeks for someone else to occupy. A relative told me about Alex, he had helped her with contents and downsizing of her house of many years, before she moved into a condo after her husband passed away. Alex organized and categorized much of my dad`s furniture and artwork, what was for sale, what was to be kept by my sisters and I, and what would be stored or given away. He always made sure to ask us what we wanted to do over the few weeks we had, and how much we wanted to sell items for. He moved specific pieces of furniture to each of our homes. He was always patient and considerate, even when decision changes took place. It was a trying couple of weeks, but he was always professional, as was the crew who was working with him. Alex was kind and honest, and my sisters and I appreciated the care that he took with everything that he did. I would highly recommend Alex, and I wish him well with the expansion of his company. "
    -Debbie C.

     "Alex Petlyarsky, owner of More Than a Mover is a tireless and value added leader committed to meeting the specific needs of his clients by offering a full spectrum of services. Alex was there every step of the way to support us in this stressful process. His expertise and advice were welcomed as we decided to hold a content sale in a condo setting. A tailor-made plan was prepared to dismantle, move, sell on consignment or donate our cherished belongings. Even a cleaning service was recommended so that the condo was ready for closing day. Alex employs conscientious and skilled employees to work on his team. Moving from a condo downtown presents unique challenges and More Than A Mover did it all in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend More Than A Mover, Inc. because they live up to their branding of going beyond the norm in the moving industry."

         -Gail A.- Retired Secondary School Principal


My wife and I decided to downsize two years ago. To sell our property, we had to make some renovations which required us to dispose of some “stuff”, and to store others prior to the final move. We asked More Than A Mover to help us in all of this and they did so in an exemplary way. They were fast, efficient, yet meticulous, in handling all goods with care. Alex, himself, was most helpful in providing advice and in accommodating uswith dates of the moves. Alex has a keen awareness of the challenges involved in any downsizing – the reluctance to let go of some things forsentimental reasons, the stress of repacking, renovating, and thenunpacking – and throughout he lends a very sympathetic yet practical ear. In a sense, Alex shares in the total experience of the downsizing and move. Alex had been referred to me both by my son and step-son, and I have referred Alex to several friends. I have only heard feedback of the most positive kind. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex the Mover for any moving requirements anyone might have, and am sure that he will provide a level of service beyond anyone’s expectations.     

     -Dr. Ken C.

     "Alex and team helped us move our parents out of the house we grew up.  We had accumulated 50 years of mostly junk, which they handled; but buried in there were a few things of value, which they helped us identify and recover. Could not have done it without them."

     -Steve R.

"We moved during Covid which just adds that extra wrinkle to everything. The week before our move, a friend’s friend told us how happy she was with the entire experience. Our move involved a lot of Alex’s services and extended over a number of days to different locations. All of his team are first rate from the cleaning team that made the house spotless for the new owners to his inside guys and driver. Apart from “normal” furniture, Alex moved a large, heavy, awkward custom glass table, several pieces of art, a new –“in the box” bed frame and a Peleton.  Everything came through intact and he kindly assembled the new bed frame  which was not as bad as a barbecue but close!  The bike was also reassembled. Through it all, the team were Covid compliant, courteous, and when Alex says things will start at 10:00, - they do. I doubt if many would say that moving is fun, but Alex and team definitely took the pain out of it and I have no trouble highly recommending him".

      -Peter B.

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